Past Officers


Present TNYD President London Lamar pictured with former TNYD Presidents right-to-left Matia Powell (President '13 - '15), Sean Braisted (President '11 - '13), Chris Anderson (President '03 - '07), Seannalyn Brandmeir (President '07 - '09). 

2015 - 2017 

President: London Lamar

Executive Vice President: Darrell Bouldin

National Committeewoman: Dania Barbosa

National Committeeman: Matt Plott, Connor Caroll

Secretary: Elizabeth Henderson

Treasurer: Isaac Kimes

2013 - 2015 

President: Matia Powell

Executive Vice President: Kat Coffen

National Committeewoman: Leah Kirk

National Committeeman: Cyrus Schick 

Secretary: Christan Brown

Treasurer: Katy Graham

2011 - 2013

President: Sean Braisted

Executive Vice President: Taylor Thomas

National Committeewoman: Matia Powell

National Committeeman: John Haubenreich (2013 - Cyrus Schick) 

Secretary: Phillip Duggan

Treasurer: Claudia Weaver

2009 - 2011

President: Claudia Weaver

Executive Vice President: Eric Patton

National Committeewoman: Lakisha Watson-Moore

National Committeeman: Steve Turner

Secretary: Kandi Guest

Treasurer: Priscilla Norman

Membership Director: John Cruse

2006 - 2009

President: Seannalyn Brandmeir

Executive Vice President: Chris Anderson

National Committeewoman: Lindsay Barrett 

National Committeeman: Anooj Pate

Secretary: Claudia Weaver

Treasurer: Priscilla Norman

Membership Director: Lakisha Watson-Moore

2003 - 2006

President: Chris Anderson

2001 - 2003

President: Larry Beaty

1991 - 2001

President: Karen Combs




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