Constituency caucuses of the Tennessee Young Democrats are groups for our constituencies. Caucuses exist to participate in policy advocacy and outreach programs for the Tennessee Young Democrats to some of our constituencies. Both county chapter members and at-large members may join the five constituency caucuses.  There are currently five constituency causes and one caucus of special status for College Democrats. 

Black Caucus

Chair: Lee Smith III 

Women's Caucus

Chair: Amber Sherman


LGBTQ Caucus

Chair: Matt Dwyer


Rural Caucus

Chair: Dalton Slatton 


High School and Teen Caucus

Chair: Travis Gaither 


Grassroots Caucus

Chair: Darrell Bouldin 


Scientific Issues Caucus

Chair: Seth Pemberton


College Caucus

President: Jonathan George

Vice President: Lee Smith III 

The Tennessee Federation of College Democrats/College Democrats of Tennessee (CDTN) is the College Caucus of the TNYD and affiliate organization of College Democrats.

For more information visit the College Democrats area of our site.